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3 cards quick reading £7

Looks at your life in brief, advising you what you need to hold on to and what you need to let go of in your life and how to get the balance between these.

Witches’ Samhain spread £15

This is a simple spread for honoring the magick and lore of Samhain. The reading will look at what you need to banish from your life and something that needs to change in your life. It also brings a message from your ancestors. The reading includes how to enhance your spirituality before looking at your love life and what is to come for you in the coming year.

The Witch’s power tarot spread £15

This reading brings the witching time to your reading. It looks at how you are able to transform your life to coincide with your wishes, then looks at one area of your life that is important to you at the moment and where things are heading for you in this area. The reading also tells you about the forces against you and provides spiritual advice from your ancestors to guide you through any difficult time. Finally the cards advise and predict what is to come for you in your future.

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