Who is Misty?

I have been in business as a psychic, healer and spell caster since September 2011 under the name Misty.

I am a natural psychic medium from birth with abilities that stem from both sides of my family tree. I inherit my skills as a psychic medium from family, but am the first one to use the ability as a business. I read the Tarot, fortune telling and oracle cards using my knowledge of the cards together with my psychic abilities.

With my healing skills, I can provide free spiritual healing or use my reiki healing, where I have studied up to master and teaching level. I can provide healing and taught courses for Usui Reiki healing.

In my spell work, I am a self-taught spell caster and use both Candle Magick and Angel Magic in combination to assist those who wish  for white light spells, that don’t go against people’s own free will. I am a lone spell worker, but have a good percentage of spells that have worked, hence a good reputation. Spell work is never 100% guaranteed. The wish and belief of the spell to work is essential.

In my services, I don’t approve refunds as part of the payment is for my time taken. Saying this, I also say that the customer is always right and will make sure that you are happy with the service that I provide.

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